`` Cash for Phones

Cash for Phones

In the current economic climate the recycling of mobile phones in return for a cash payment is becoming very popular. However, some people are still sceptical. The question is, is it really worth recycling your mobile? The answer is it depends on how much money you think is worth it.

Over 2000 mobiles are purchased in the UK every hour and consumers are constantly upgrading to the newest, most up to date mobile which renders the old mobile useless. But these old mobile phones are not useless as they might seem, they still have some value, and there are companies that will make good use of them. These companies either sell old mobiles on or scrap them and retrieve the precious metals which are then melted down and sold on further. Mobile phone recyclers pay anything from £5 to £100 for old mobile phones depending on age, make and condition.

The older the mobile phone, the less money you will get for recycling it. This is because the older the technology, the less recycling companies can do with it. Newer phones, such as the iPhone can be sold on to other buyers (assuming that the phone is in a good condition) and therefore you will receive more money for it. Some companies even sell old mobiles abroad for reuse.

Before recycling your mobile phone there a few steps you need to take. All of these are in the interest of your own personal safety and security.

Firstly: If you are on a contract then make sure you have ended the contract with your mobile phone provider. This is to stop any potential fraud.

Secondly: Clear your mobile phone’s memory. Depending on your mobile’s make, this could as easy as removing its memory card but you may have to go through all your files manually and delete them one by one. Most mobile phones have a function that allows you to clear large amounts of data (such as numbers, pictures and music) in one fell swoop.

Thirdly: If your mobile phone has a sim card, remove the sim card and (if you are not planning to reuse it in another phone) cut it up. Again this is to combat any type of fraud should your sim card fall into the wrong hands.

After these steps have been taken you can now go ahead with recycling your mobile phone. Most companies are internet based which means they are easily accessible for most people. The websites work by asking you to input the make and condition of your old phone, from there they can work out a price. It is worth looking at two or more sites to see who will give you the best price for your old mobile as offers do vary. Something else to bear in mind is the cost of the postage, will they offer freepost or will you have to pay?

Most companies now offer freepost when it comes to you sending your old phone away. This ranges from a freepost envelope to a freepost sticker. Remember though that if you go for a company who will only send you a freepost sticker, then you will have to pay for the price of the packaging, most companies ask that you send your old mobile in a padded envelope to prevent any damage occurring during postage.